sabato 30 maggio 2009


Ingredients for 4 people:1kg of fresh peas, 300 g onions, a glass of stock, ground parsley, salt, extra virgin olive oil.

Method: Shell the peas and steep them in water. Brown the onions in a casserole with the olive oil. Add the peas, salt them, sprinkle the ground parsley and add the stock. Cook for half an hour, stirring now and again.

4 commenti:

  1. This sounds very good! I have to try this when the fresh peas are in at the farmers market. Thank you!

  2. Answer to your comment on Karen B's Cooking Made Easy! is yes I adore Italian cooking :) And we are a pea loving family, I will try this out!

  3. Thanks for your first comments. I hope you will try some of my recipe!

  4. FYI.... LOVED the peas! My Husband said "I don't care for peas but I eat them because I make them, you can make peas this way from now on!".

    Thank you!