lunedì 8 giugno 2009

Free weekend in Sicily and more!

Send "Your travel photos more beautiful." Premium: a free weekend in Sicily and more!


If you'd like to participate in the competition CaseinItaly, here's what you should do:
1. send an email to indicating "Competition" in the "object" to, attaching a photo travel novel, max size of 500K (with a title, name of the location where it was taken the photo name and a reference to the author, also nickname) no later than July 25 2009;
2nd insert into your website or blog, logo, the code can be taken in CaseinItaly blog at the following link: The logo must be maintained for the duration of the competition which runs until 25 July 2009, expiry date of the competition.

All photos will be published (starting from Sunday June 14) on
and the visitors will vote for the most beautiful photos (the votes redundant for the same photo and by the same author are not permitted).
It will be carried out periodic inspections to verify the presence of CaseinItaly logo on their sites / blogs of the participants.
Photos sent without complying with the conditions specified will not be accepted.

On July 31th will be published the list of the participants and the name of the winner, whose photo will be published in the homepage of with the link to your site or blog for a week.

The winner will be entitled to a free weekend (two nights) in Sicily in a delightful apartment only 50 meters from the sea in the picturesque fishing village: Island of Female, located 10 minutes from the city of Palermo, or a discount of 40% on a one-week stay in an apartment at the renowned resort of Mondello (Palermo) or 30% in Pompeii (Naples) or on a farm in Tuscany or 20% to stay in Lerici (La Spezia) or ROMA.
Each residence will be granted chosen after verification of actual availability.

A discount to be won for those who vote, it will make the draw.

giovedì 4 giugno 2009


How to prepare the simplest tomato sauce to season the pasta? It is essential to use fresh tomatoes, red tomatoes for sauce, not for salad. Wash the tomatoes well and cut them free, put them into a pot with water. Bring to the boil and simmer for about 15 minutes. Then drain the water, and "move" the tomatoes into the specific machine (the goal is to squeeze the tomatoes and remove the peel). Juice so obtained, add the salt, will then be called on the fire until they evaporate much water and remains only a liquid cream (just the sauce). At the end of cooking to add extra virgin olive oil and some basil leaves. This tomato sauce is great for dressing all types of pasta.

domenica 31 maggio 2009


Ingredients: 500g of orecchiette, 1 yellow pepper, 200g of cream (used for cooking), 50g of tomato sauce, 1 onion, 50g of extra virgin oil, 50g of Parmesan, 50g of tuna.

Method: in a frying pan, brown the onion and the thinly-sliced pepper and tuna. Add the tomato sauce, and salt and pepper to taste. Cook for 10 minutes and add the cream at the end. In a separate pot, boil the orecchiette for 5 minutes, drain them and add them to the frying pan with all the ingredients. Sauté everything for approximately 4 minutes, add Parmesan and serve it . In the picture there isn't the pepper, but just tomatoes...

sabato 30 maggio 2009


Ingredients for 4 people:1kg of fresh peas, 300 g onions, a glass of stock, ground parsley, salt, extra virgin olive oil.

Method: Shell the peas and steep them in water. Brown the onions in a casserole with the olive oil. Add the peas, salt them, sprinkle the ground parsley and add the stock. Cook for half an hour, stirring now and again.


Ingredients: 350 g Pennette pasta, 400 g peeled tomatoes, 4 anchovies, de-boned and de-salted, 25 g salted capers, 10 black olives, extra virgin olive oil, Pugliese pecorino cheese, garlic, salt, parsley, pepper or chilli pepper.

Method: brown the garlic with the oil in a pan. Chop the anchovies into pieces and add to the garlic until they melt. Add the peeled tomatoes, capers, black destoned olives and chilli pepper (or pepper) and cook for a further 10 minutes. In the meantime, boil the pennette in plenty of salted water and drain. Coat the pasta with the mixture and sprinkle with Pugliese pecorino cheese if liked.

venerdì 29 maggio 2009


Boil water in a pot (half full), add half spoon of salt. Just when it begins to boil, toss the spaghetti into the pot without broke their. They slowly go below the water level. Bake for about 8 minutes from the resumption of boiling, stirring occasionally. Remove the pot from heat and drain spaghetti in a colander (you must drain all the water). Then put the spaghetti in the empty pot, to fire off, and add the tomato sauce you have before prepared. Stir quickly and immediately serve it with two leaves of basil or a handful of parmesan cheese (grated cheese). Buon appetito!